Xbox Live vs PlayStation Plus – Which One Is Right For You?

In today’s generation the consoles have many different features other than just gaming. Consoles let you connect online and play with other people online. You can also buy amazing games and even watch movies. Both the Xbox and PlayStation have got some amazing features to offer to their subscribers. While some of those features are available to you for absolutely free, many other features requires you to subscribe to their respective online services. So its important for you to know whether subscribing to a particular service is worth it or not. You’ll need to check if the services that are offered to you are completely satisfying you or not.

Xbox Live vs PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus offers you with two new games every month. If you got the game when it was free it is yours to keep and continue playing. You can enjoy playing it till you are having an active Plus subscription. Similarly in Xbox Live at the beginning of the month you will get two Xbox one games and two Xbox 360 titles for absolutely free. For both, the PlayStation Plus and the Xbox Live you will lose the free games that you earlier got if you run out of your subscription. But you will get them back once you re-subscribe.

Both service offer discounts on the gaming services that they provide. There are differences in the frequencies and volumes of the services that are available. The sales vary every week so its hard to compare their services in this regard. Some discounts in the Xbox store only apply to the Gold members and are not applicable for the non-gold members; also there are a few discounts for non-gold members. The PlayStation Store offers various amounts of discounts for all the members and even more discounts for the PS plus subscribers. When the non-plus members are getting a fifty percent off a game, the plus members will instead get a seventy to eighty percent off that same game.

The retail prices of both of them are about the same, that is sixty dollars per year. They often come up with some occasional deals that will let you save a bit more. The monthly subscription services are also available for both of them. Both services cost about ten dollars a month, and about twenty-five dollars for three months. Unless you have decided that you need the features for a short period of time, paying yearly will be a lot more beneficial


Both of them are having great features to offer to their subscribers. They both are very well on their performance and offers great gaming experience. And with given the features and offers that they provide, they have made themselves a must to have, especially with the discounts that they provide. So becoming a member of this amazing subscription is very useful, unless you don’t have any interest in these feature and you have decided to stick by the normal offline features. It is best to try both of them at some point, because of how amazing they are.

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