How To Cancel Your Xbox Subscription

Xbox is a gaming console developed and currently owned by Microsoft. The highly equipped console started out to sale after the Atari series of gaming consoles stopped being produced. Some of the powerful consoles of the series are the Xbox 360 and Xbox 720 live as well as Xbox One and Xbox One HD.

Xbox Subscription

These powerful gaming devices are plugged into an audio-visual screen and connected to a modem for Internet connection. Alongside playing games, Xbox also supports streaming services, movies and exclusives as well as its own marketplace online to buy games and other media. This service requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription with auto-renewal subscription system.

How to Cancel your Xbox Subscription

Xbox subscriptions can be bought online or from a retail store as gift cards. However, for one reason or another, you might feel you need to cancel your subscription, and it is an easy and readily available option if the terms and conditions are followed.

  • Xbox subscriptions cannot be cancelled if you have a pending payment left for it. All dues must be paid in full before going on with the subscription or its cancellation.
  • It can be done in two ways, by cancelling it immediately or by cancelling the auto-renewal of the subscription services. Before doing an immediate cancellation of the services, you have to think twice, because all the services will stop at the exact time at which you cancel the subscription itself. However, the choice to cancel the auto-renewal of services will be a smart one, for you can still enjoy the subscription benefits until it expires.
  • Make sure you are charged for the subscription to your current Xbox live account. Many people keep paying a lot of money for accounts they don’t own any longer. Make sure all subscriptions to unused accounts are cancelled.
  • You cannot cancel a subscription for another person, even if you are paying for him or her. The user of the subscription has to go through the steps of cancelling the subscription personally.

Now that you have found out the terms and conditions of the cancellation of subscription services, let’s focus on the steps to follow to cancel your Xbox subscription.

  • The service requires you to first sign in to the account from which you want to cancel your subscription. Go to the official site of Xbox and sign-in to your account from the top-right corner of the page. This can be done on any computer or HTML5 enabled device, even your Xbox connection to the web.
  • Click on the display picture in the top-right corner for a drop-down menu. Select the option that says ‘’ Find the option of Xbox Live-Gold’ in ‘Subscriptions’. It is a green Xbox logo in the center of the page.
  • Click on the ‘Payment & billing’ link below the Xbox Live Gold symbol to get to the subscription page.
  • Scroll on to the ‘Cancel’ option in the ‘Payment settings’ section, and click on a drop-down menu. Then to fully cancel click on ‘confirm cancellation.’ This will cancel the auto-renewal of your Xbox live subscription.

Re-Activate your Subscription

As easy as the cancellation of Xbox subscription looks, reactivating the cancelled subscription is also possible. You might feel like subscribing back to the benefits after some time. Go back to your Microsoft Xbox account and click on renew subscription from the ‘Payment & billing’ option.

This will start the same payment and billing option for the subscription benefits. Always remember to have your personal and Xbox live account details to yourself, as these are important things that shouldn’t be disclosed. Moreover, enjoy your benefit and feel free to cancel or renew your Xbox subscription at any time.

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